First Time in Thailand Using VR for Interior Design

(Published and started in 2015)

We are the first company adopting VR 3D 360 STEREOSCOPIC Technology for interior design in Thailand. “Our customers will visual our design and decoration before operating as 360 degree of dimension. It makes them feel like standing in the actually finished building” VR Technology simulates a virtual space, function and other details of full-decorated house or building closely. This helps you more easily understand than 2D design or 3D printing that can display only some aspects.

3D VR Technology that MEPITREE adopts for interior design is called “Stereoscopic” innovation. It is a visualization technology of eye sight; also display the objects’ attribute as being flat or deep. When combine this technology with VR System glasses, it creates a realistic visualization scene. VR technology simulates us into the full-decorated room so that we will see the entire finished design building. It seems we are standing and looking over the house from every dimension

Furthermore, 3D 360° Stereoscopic, which we are the first adopter this technology. We proudly present, VR 360° 3D "Unreal Engine 4" Stereoscopic which is the latest and highest technology available nowadays and we serve it to our high-end corporate customers. It is to emphasize that we are the technology leader for the first and only interior design in Thailand.

  • - For high-end corporate customers,
    we recommend VR 360° 3D UE4 SS
  • - For individual customers,
    we recommend 3D 360° Stereoscopic

Grand Opening-Luxury Mansion 120 Million Baht by Home Develop Company

At the Grand Hyatt Erawan

Khun Saksit Tresuphabchaikul, Interior Design Manager of "MEPITREE” participated in the press conference “Grand Opening 120 million baht, The Luxury Mansion” at the Grand Hyatt Erawan. This mega project was owned by Home Development Company Limited. Plenty of honored guests were invited to the event, and Khun Boom-Panadda Wongphudee was a guest speaker as well.

The event focused on vision sharing about better living and interior design trend for the dwellers. Also, the direction of property business that is more diverse and unique in the future.