• We service interior design and construction in exclusive level, the costs of all service construction start 50 million bath and the costs of interior construction start at 15 million baths.

• We have designed and construct residence for VVIP and hi-end client in Thailand.

• Our design and construction process has been created for service our niche and exotic client group.

• We prepared the design and construction process for the client so they will be ready to move in immediately when the construction has finished.


• We have designed an exotic conceptual design for hi-end client that want to have their own character design for their private residence. The character we design for our client will be an iconic masterpiece project that have own identity different from other private residence.

• The process, we used to work has combine the technology and arts together is our identity character different from others company. Our client will receive the conceptual idea sketching and presentation

• Our company has start from designer want the high quality of construction work that can support all design for the client and now we have never stop to developing our performance for the client to get the best service.

• Our finished project has been online in worldwide international e-magazine. And we have been submiss our project to international awards

Production Process

• We have own factory for supporting our construction works to have neat and perfect works in every details.

• We have our own craftmanship for building a hi-end works.

• We are one stop service company in Thailand that take care design developing, construction process, and design management for our client.

• We can service worldwide materials and furniture for our client to support our client to have their character residence.


• We have warranty service for our client to take care and give an after service.

• We bond the relationship to our client as the one of our family because they were very important to us. Even the day past, if they want somethings that we can help we will be precious to service them.

• The client can be comfort and trust in our service that we do for.

Before 2003:

We design conceptual works and start to create design management system


We establish the company as a design and turnkey service company.


We have our own factory to support our construction works.


We create the design system that have own identity to created different works that cannot be repeat.


We are the company that produce the hi-end residence for niche and exclusive client.